Meet the Retreat

Sarah Montano


Sarah Montano has lived in Bozeman for over  twelve years, attended Montana State University for her undergraduate degree, taught social studies at Bozeman High School for eight years, and earned her Master’s in Educational Leadership, and in the meantime had two amazing boys. Last year when her second son was born, she decided to resign from teaching to focus on her family and business.

In 2014, she along with her husband, and brother in-law, bought the property that is now Storm Castle Retreat. They have been pouring their heart and soul into renovating the cabins, installing infrastructure, and improving the land.

“Being able to share our property and these adventures with other women, brings women together to build each other up and leaving with friends, laughs, stories, and most of all confidence.”


In her spare time she likes to ski, hike, trail run, mountain bike, whitewater raft, fly fish, and berry pick.


Mikaela DiBerardinis 

Mikaela DiBerardinis Photographer Co-founder of Girls Off-Grid LLC and Mom of 3 little ladies


Mikaela DiBerardinis was born and raised in Bozeman, married her high school sweetheart and now have 3 beautiful girls together. They don’t ever see themselves living anywhere other than here, although a beach does sound pleasant during the dead of winter.

Being born and raised in Bozeman, she have seen so much change, while many native Montanans disapprove of the growth, she loves the opportunities it has brought our community. The summer after the recession she and her now husband lived in a tent in Hyalite to save some money up to get started in school at Montana State University. After having their first daughter they pursued building jobs that fulfilled their lifestyle and allowed them to spend as much time with their kids as possible. She is now a professional Birth Photographer (since 2014) and partnered with The Bozeman Birth Center at the beginning of 2019, making her the first in-house birth photographer in the state.

"I am  so grateful for a friend like Sarah, we both share a love of being outdoors and a love of showing off this amazing place we call home. Bringing women together to experience what WE love to do is going to be a dream come true!"


Her favorite outdoor activities include, camping, hiking, fishing and just being outdoors. As a full on downtowner in Bozeman, she spends a lot of her time downtown adventuring with her kiddos when she is on -call so she is close to home and still outdoors having fun!


Sarah & Mikaela

Sarah and Mikaela met while working as baristas in college at a coffee hut. They have gone on some pretty fantastic adventures together and becoming Mom's has definitely been the most rewarding and challenging of them all! 

This retreat has been in the works for years and since neither of them are pregnant this summer, they decided 2019 was THE year! 


Karen Lum


Karen came to Montana looking for a change and found herself in Ennis, MT (hello fly fishing!). We cannot wait for her to roll out more stories of her earlier times in Montana. 

She will be leading us through this weekend. Her experience in facilitating retreats AND her experience outdoors made her our number one pick and we are so grateful to have her on this adventure. In addition to her professionalism in her business coaching and facilitating, she is a genuine down-to-earth gal who is not afraid to get things done. 

She is the owner of K. Lum Consulting and refers to herself as a “Business Co-Pilot”. She support leaders who are growing or elevating their businesses and teams. Her services include one-on-one business coaching, facilitated planning sessions, custom training development, employee training and program development & implementation. She am based in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, and works with individuals and teams throughout the country.


Diana Proemm

(Recreation Therapy)

One thing is for sure, she’s a gypsy at heart, addicted to adventure and suffers from a severe case of wanderlust. Diana Proemm, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), started her adventures as a young girl traveling the mid-West with her first generation German parents.

Diana started her outdoor adventures with skiing at an early age. Skiing, mountain biking, hiking and trekking as well as white water paddling have carried her to places she would never have imagined. She took her love of the mountains and explored Big Sky, Montana and Alaska spending time camping, exploring and biking. Diana will be leading session on self-care and anxiety and depression. Now Diana’s biggest adventure is to inspire other women to reach their potential by exploring their world, adventuring into areas of the unknown and bringing those empowering experiences back to their everyday lives.




Nicole Wild 


"I’ve got a big heart and big dreams and I’m pretty stoked that somehow, some way, you ended up here interested in what little ‘ole me is doing. Welcome. I was born and raised in the Mountains but throughout my travels I’ve spread my heart into many different parts of the world. I did my first yoga training in Greece almost 4 years ago, after a transformative journey into yoga that allowed me to get off of my antidepressant medications and lose 45 pounds. I dove headfirst into teaching after that training, and have since accumulated 700 hours of training including a Somatic Movement Therapy program, and nearly 2,000 teaching hours."


Wildly Essential Massage

(Massage Therapist)

Whitney is not only a massage therapist, but also a doula with Tree f Life Doula Care. Be sure to thank her for your complimentary massage. That is HUGE and you totally deserve it!

Devin Helen Boudoir

(Boudoir photographer/Speaker)

"Boudoir's primary intent is not just for the private enjoyment of a romantic spouse, but rather for a woman to view herself in a real, raw and powerful way. This reflection of inner confidence is depicted in, to be short - bad ass images. This is a two way relationship. I want this to be way more than just the photos you will get at the end of this, I want this to be an unforgettable, meaningful experience that is impossible for you to kick under the rug and forget from start to finish. I want you to carry this new found confidence to every darn place you go and every single person you meet."


Wanderlust Photography

(Professional Photographer)

"January of 2018 I was in a slump, being a stay at home mom had taken a toll on me and I needed to do something for ME! So I thought ‘Why not photography?’ - literally just a hobby and way to get out every once in awhile. It snowballed into a passion I have fallen completely in love with and continue to fall in love with after every session + wedding.

I find so much joy in capturing people in a way they don’t see themselves! The happiness people express when they receive a gallery warms my heart to the fullest and I would love to give YOU that as well!"

Kylee will be capturing our closing day shenanigans - and we love her!